Jessica Merithew PhotographyJessica Merithew Photography

Hi! I’m Jessica!

Welcome to my online home! Grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your favorite chair, and take your time looking through some of my favorite wedding and family photos.

While you’re here you’ll see it’s obvious that I love being a family and wedding photographer in Asheville. Spending time with families and couples one on one to develop a personal connection and make them feel comfortable is what I love! I want everyone to feel like they are in their comfortable and natural environment when they are with me. Capturing people’s natural emotions and connections with those they love is why we take photographs, right? So let’s get comfortable and make the process stress free!

I capture true emotions- it’s people’s true being that often isn’t easily portrayed in many aspects of life, and capturing it in a still image is like freezing time and freezing an amazing moment. Still photographs tell an incredible story the moment you look at them. The instant reaction of seeing the subjects emotion speaks to the viewer, and creates a story through art. Freezing those moments to look back on in the years to come will remind you of the amazing times you shared and the emotions you felt in that exact moment.



When you work with me you not only get amazing photographs, you get a wonderful experience. Getting photos taken by me is a fun and exciting process that will make you feel natural and comfortable. You may even forget that I’m there capturing your favorite moments with those you love!

Plus, when you hire me you get me. I will always be the person that you work with, from the first email, through your future sessions. I also love helping my clients! Whether you’re looking for tips on what to wear, location advice, or vendor recommendations, I am happy to help connect you to the best in the area.



Want to know a little more about me?

My love for photography started with my travels in college. I am a traveler, foodie, and outdoor enthusiast at heart, and this has taken me to some amazing places around the world to capture unique photographs of people and places. Cycling in Tuscany, rafting in the Grand Canyon, and snorkeling off the shores of Guam are just a few of my favorites! I love exploring new places with my husband while experiencing the local culture and amazing food. When traveling I’m always on the lookout for amazing photo locations to one day return with clients. When we are back in Asheville, NC, we enjoy many outdoor activities with our pup, Cooper. He is a perfect hiking partner and couldn’t be happier then when on a trail.


Are you ready to hang out and capture amazing photos?