Marianne + Zack • Wedding Sneak Peek!

March 15, 2017

Marianne + Zack • Wedding Sneak Peek!



This beautiful couple shared their vows on a gorgeous spring day surrounded by their out of town family and friends. They chose an amazing location for their couples photos, and hosted a fun reception to celebrate!

Marianne and Zack are a very sweet couple who wanted their big day to be about spending time with each other, and their friends and family. Everything that they planned for their wedding weekend revolved around being together. Many people may think, ‘well of course, they’re getting married!’. But truly, every piece of Marianne and Zack’s weekend was thought out to spend extra time together, and I loved their approach! They chose to stay in their apartment together the night before their wedding. They chose to get ready together, which is something that most couples aren’t even willing to discuss. Marianne and Zach explained it to me as this is their day, the most important day of their lives thus far, so why would they want to spend any of it apart? LOVE! I LOVE THIS! They also chose to not go on a honeymoon right away so that they could spend the rest of the long weekend with their family and friends who were in from out of town. Every minute of every day of their wedding weekend was about time with others. ♥

When I met up with Marianne and Zack on their wedding day to start photographing, we met at Biltmore Lake for their family photos and couples photos. They asked their entire family to come to this beautiful lakefront park for family photos and to be a part of their couples photos experience before the ceremony. The air was quite cool, and there was a cold breeze, but the sun was shining, and the mountain tops were visible in the distance. We spent some time taking family photos in front of the gazebo dock, and made sure we captured some fun images of their family’s excitement for the day.

After family photos we took some time for bride and groom photos. For these photos we captured a few at the gazebo dock, and then moved through the park and out onto the long dock. Here we were able to capture the mountain tops in the distance, and some beautiful art style landscape shots. Marianne and Zack both did a wonderful job for their photos in this beautiful spot!

Next we drove to their venue, the Holiday Inn Asheville Biltmore West for the ceremony and reception. They held both in the ballroom that had been hand decorated by the couple and their families. It was filled with beautiful flower vases, purple accents and a huppah to be used in their ceremony.

Throughout the ceremony and reception I overheard many wonderful comments about Marianne and Zack. Some were about how big hearted they are, and others about how much love is seen between the two of them. My favorite that I heard was from Marianne's sister, "I have never seen two people more in love." ♥

Marianne and Zack chose a beautiful spring weekend and amazing friends and family to surround them on their wedding day. Congratulations again, Marianne + Zack!

Thank you for asking me to capture these special moments on your wedding day!