Dana + Chris • Wedding Sneak Peek!

September 27, 2017

Dana + Chris • Wedding Sneak Peek!

This sweet Asheville couple shared their beautiful day with friends and family at the amazing Pine Knoll Farms in Appling, GA! The setting of rustic barns, expansive fields, and long entrance road outside of Augusta, GA set the tone for all guests as they entered the farm. It was a perfect place and a perfect day for a fall wedding!

As I arrived at Pine Knoll Farms I was blown away. The welcoming sign by the road and the long driveway invited me in with open arms. After driving through the woods and along the horse fence I came upon a wide open space with barns, cabins, an open air chapel, farm fields, and more. It took my breath away and put an instant smile on my face. I was SO exited to photograph Dana and Chris’ wedding in this amazing setting!

After I parked I took a quick stroll around the property to get my bearings. The chapel was almost ready with flowers and decor, the reception hall was getting its finishing touches, the caterer had just arrived, and the girls were well on their way to being ready in the loft of the Sweetdaddy’s barn. Everything about this property was magnificent and I could not wait to get started!

While the girls finished getting ready I gathered flowers, bouquets, jewelry, shoes, and rings for detail shots. The old and dark plank flooring was a perfect backdrop for highlighting these items! I also borrowed Dana’s dress to hang downstairs in the stable area for the dress shots. While I was in the stable area with the dress the stable hand was getting the horse and carriage ready for Dana and Chris’ ceremony entrance and exit. It was fun to work side by side with the stable hand, knowing that everything was coming together perfectly for Dana and Chris’ big day!

As the ceremony drew closer and everyone was almost ready, I headed to the chapel to get set up. Guests were arriving and being seated, the violinist was playing beautiful music, and Chris and his groomsmen were anxiously waiting outside the chapel for the ceremony to start. Just as everyone was seated, off the in distance we could all see Dana and her father being driven by horse and carriage to the chapel. It was a beautiful moment as the guests got quiet and pointed toward Sweetdaddy’s barn. The ceremony was about to start, and watching Dana and her father ride in the carriage from afar gave me chills!

A few minutes later Dana, Chris, and the wedding party were all in their places in the front of the chapel. Their vows were being recited, the smiles of nervousness and joy were on their faces, and Chris’ son, Carlos, was at the ready to hand over the rings. Before we knew it a kiss was shared and Dana and Chris were announced for the first time as husband and wife! As they scurried out of the chapel and into the horse and carriage, guests clapped in approval and support for this amazing couple!

After the ceremony we chose a beautiful spot near the chapel for family photos and wedding party photos. It was a very warm Georgia day, so shade was a must for the wedding party in their long dresses and dark suits. As we took photos the kids were relaxed and playing off to the side, family was visiting with one another, and the wedding party was sharing stories and laughs about the day. I felt a feeling of togetherness while surrounded by these families and friends, and I know that Dana and Chris felt it too!

On the way to the reception Dana and Chris took a long horse and carriage ride around the property to have a few minutes alone and reflect on the day. I followed on foot far behind capturing their sweet moments and witnessing their strong love for one another! As they approached the reception hall they exited the carriage with big smiles and were full of excitement to spend time with family and friends. Their fun reception full of great food, lots of dancing, many hugs and kisses, and an abundance of laughs was a perfect ending to their beautiful wedding day!

Congratulations again, Dana + Chris!

Venue: Pine Knoll Farms
Music: Amplified Events
Suit Shop: Simon’s Formal Wear
Bridal Gown: Justin Alexander from House of the Bride
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff 
Caterer: Kathy's Catering & Events
Baker: Kyndra’s Cakes
Florists: Camille and Kourtland McPeak
Invitations: Invitations by Dawn