Asheville Photographer | 2019 Travel and Growth

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Asheville Photographer | 2019 Travel and Growth


Wow! Can I just say again, wow! 2019 has been an incredible year for me, both professionally and personally. It was full of capturing amazing clients in amazing locations, and me spending my down time traveling and with my family. It was truly fulfilling and I cannot wait to do it again in 2020!

For me, this past year was about growth and travel. Two things that go hand in hand for me. If you’ve visited my blog before, you likely know that I absolutely love to travel! It is one of my goals each year, and something that my husband and I make a high priority in our lives. We LOVE exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, discovering new foods, and meeting new people along the way. It feeds our souls to learn about the way others live and where they came from. To see that so many cultures have unique and rich histories in which they carry on generation after generation and share with the world through their visitors is incredible. We feel honored to have the chance to see and learn about it, and experience it first hand.

This love I have of traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people is a piece of why I love being an Asheville photographer, too. With every family and couple I meet, many of which are from out of town, I love to hear their stories. I love to hear about how they met, where they live, what they like to do, and where they are headed. Of course it’s an interest I have in my clients, but it’s also an interest I have in life. Each person on this planet has an incredible story, and crossing paths with certain people can be life changing. It’s the unknown course our lives take that keeps it all so interesting. 

In 2019 I traveled to some incredible locations between work and play- Costa Rica, Calgary, Banff National Park, Florida Keys, Washington D.C., and even brand new places right near my home in Asheville that refueled my soul like Craggy Pinnacle, Roan Highlands along the Appalachian Trail, and the newly opened The Foundry Hotel in downtown Asheville. All provided amazing experiences whether I was there for work or play, and helped me grow through the year. I believe that for me, traveling is growth. It often gets me out of my comfort zone, makes me be more resourceful, and of course opens my eyes to broader thinking and views. 

Oh 2019, how amazing you have been! I look forward to what 2020 has in store. Happy New Year!



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