5 Things to Know About Jessica | Photographer Introduction

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5 Things to Know About Jessica

Jessica Erin Headshots-0024Jessica Erin Headshots-0024

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the owner here at Jessica Merithew Photography. Since I haven’t shared about myself in a while, here is a list of 5 things to know about me! 

1. I LOVE being outside! In fact, people can often hear me saying out loud, “I’d be happy living in a tent in the middle of the woods!” It’s SO true, too! As long as I had nature by my side, and my husband and dog in that tent, I’d be very happy. It goes without saying (but I’m here to share, right?), I spend a lot of my spare time hiking, biking, camping, along a river, and simply sitting outside. 

2. I LOVE to travel! For me, this goes hand in hand with my love of the outdoors. Loving to travel and loving to be outside has taken me on some pretty awesome trips. I have too many favorites to share them all in this semi-short post, but cycling in Tuscany, a three week rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, hiking in Guam, and exploring the jungle areas of Belize and Guatemala are some of my favorites. As you can probably guess, I don’t spend a lot of my travel time in big cities. Yes, I do like to stop in and soak up a lot of city culture in a couple of days, but exploring small towns like Vendome, France, or Whidbey Island, WA is what really interests me. 

3. I’m a gluten free foodie! Yes, being gluten free does mean that I have to skip some delicious looking treats, but ultimately, the gluten free world has come a long way recently, so I really don’t have to skip much! Also, I’m extremely grateful that I live in Asheville since our restaurant scene is so allergen friendly. Most restaurants clearly post allergens on their menus, and honestly, who doesn’t love eating at Posana and Bim Beri Bon, which are both fully gluten free? 

4. I just bought and sold a house! Yes, in about a week I will be leaving my lovely home in south Asheville, that we have lived in for almost four years, and will be moving to east Asheville to four very private and quiet acres. I cannot wait to hang my hammock up and enjoy the privacy and beautiful mountain view! 

5. I love kids! There is a special place in my heart for children, even though I don’t want any of my own. I truly adore kids, and am really good with children of all ages. From newborns to teenagers, I connect with them and we get each other. I’m not sure how that connection started, but I love it! Maybe it’s because I’m simply a big kid, and plan to stay that way? 

Thanks for taking some time to learn about me. 


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