Bryson City Elopement Photographer | Christianna + Derek

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Bryson City Elopement Photographer | Christianna + Derek

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These two love birds chose our beautiful mountains of North Carolina for their wedding, and we couldn’t have been happier to host them! Their vision and execution of this elopement was nothing short of perfect, and I was honored to be a part of it!

Christianna and Derek drove 14 hours from Iowa to Bryson City to enjoy a week in the mountains together. Weeks ago they decided that after 7 years together, and one year of being engaged, that this was a perfect opportunity to be married. I whole heartedly agree! They love the natural beauty of our mountains and couldn’t think of another place that they’d rather say “I do!” 

In planning their elopement they decided to keep their big day simple by not having any guests. Eloping in this manner provides an incredibly private and intimate start to wedded life. It also provides the opportunity to have a wedding and honeymoon built into one. This entire idea sounds like a dream to me, I love it! Christianna and Derek jumped at the idea and it turned out beautifully!

For the elopement they had an officiant and witness present, along with me, the photographer. They had a beautiful ceremony with hand written vows, love letters sealed in a whiskey box to be opened on their fifth anniversary, and of course, an incredible mountain view. It was sweet, loving, and truly heartfelt. I could feel their love and connection in those moments, and was beyond happy for them!

After the elopement we took some photos of the two of them on their cabin’s patio with the gorgeous view. Right away Christianna and Derek were fantastic in front of my camera. They were relaxed, in love, and ready to capture this fine day. 

We then traveled down the mountain for photos at a nearby overlook. It’s a place I discovered on my way to Christianna and Derek’s elopement, and I’m so happy that I did! As soon as we arrived, the sun peeked through the clouds and spread gorgeous color across the neighboring mountains. It was the perfect backdrop to finish up our time together before I headed back to Asheville!

As you can see, Christianna and Derek share a love and bond that’s not often seen, and they chose a perfect way to celebrate it. Congratulations Christianna and Derek! 

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