8 Unique Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

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8 Unique Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

If you’re like me, decorating your home can be challenging. It can take weeks or months to find just the right spot for furniture, fixtures, and decor. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to just go for it, much to my husbands dismay, because everything can be moved again if it’s not exactly the way you want it. (Thanks for always helping me honey!) 

For your photographs though, take extra care in thinking about how you want to display them. If you already have prints and canvases on hand, it’s best to have a solid plan for them so that you can avoid damage to them due to over handling. Breaking glass in frames can damage prints, and stretched canvases can incur damage on the corners very easily. Be gentle with them, and enjoy their beauty on display.

For Frame Lovers
1. Displaying photographs in frames is a classic way to show off your family’s fun and adventures together. Filling a built in bookshelf with a mix of frame styles, sizes, and colors is a great way to include your personal style, too. Come one, come all, to this frame party!

2. Making use of your staircase is another wonderful way to show off your photos. It’s wall space that is often not utilized, and there is lots of it! It’s also a perfect spot in your home for photographs that remind you of your amazing life since you pass it by first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. 

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Modern and Clean
3. For a more modern and clean look with straight lines and white space, canvases and mat boards are a perfect option. Neither require a frame so there is much less clutter. This helps the composition and colors in your photographs pop to the viewer. 

4. Thin frames with thick, light colored matting can also bring a modern and clean look to a space. Straight lines and right angles are key here, along with some space between each frame. 

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5. Hanging small prints from string or clips is a fun way to display your photographs, especially if you like swapping them in and out frequently. Sticking to either a very colorful display or black and white makes a statement, too. Isn’t that just plain fun?

6. Small prints making full coverage is a statement, and a great way to show off a lot of photos in the same place. Leaving a bit of space between the photographs helps each of them stand on their own, as well as together. All of those memories packed into their small space is a wonderful reminder of where you’ve been, at one glance.  

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Mix It All Up
7. Shelving that houses photographs and decor together is one of my favorite ways to display memories. I love the modern and straight lines of the shelves, mixed with the textures of frames, canvases, mat board prints, and other decor. It’s all the things I love in one spot, so I of course adore it! 

8. Mixing items together on a wall for a gallery is also a beautiful way to display items important to you and your family. Framed photographs, monograms, quotes, canvases, and other decor pieces are perfect for a gallery wall that is uniquely yours. 

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