Asheville Photographer | 5 Things About Jessica, Coronavirus Pandemic Edition

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Asheville Photographer | 5 Things About Jessica, Coronavirus Pandemic Edition

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Oh goodness, where do I start? So many things in our world are turned upside down. I am saddened for the victims of this virus and their families. I am saddened by the small businesses struggling to keep their heads above water, even after having to lay off their employees. I am sad to see people’s plans being forced to change, whether it’s a wedding, losing a promotion and their current job, or not being able to go on their dream vacation. We are all being affected in different ways and I hope that everyone is adapting as best as possible and looking out for one another. Hang in there, it will pass! 

For me, I wanted to lighten your day and share 5 things about my life during this pandemic. 

1. I realize that my husband and I are like the meme says: When you find your normal daily lifestyle is called “quarantine.”
Yes, that’s a sad realization, too! Besides my work outside the house, we do almost everything together. We both work from home, we have the same hobbies, and we love being together. We are truly best friends. So spending this extra time together is a little bonus for us, and totally in our norm. The thing we are feeling most is that it feels like our parents won’t let us play with our friends! 

2. I don’t feel an abundance of direct stress, but there are some underlying stresses that I am starting feel.
First, I am receiving no income at this time. Being self employed means that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. And of course during this time, I cannot be near my clients for their safety and mine, plus we all just need to stay home and help this pandemic pass. 
Also, helping clients postpone and cancel photo sessions and weddings is challenging. I pride myself on helping to reduce stress for my clients. No, it’s not in my job title, but it’s what I do as a wedding vendor and family photographer. During this time though, it’s extra tough to see clients having a baby and not being able to have newborn photos taken, or see one of my engaged couples have to postpone their wedding after spending over a year of time and emotions planning it. This is stressful, and it’s okay to feel some stress around it. As always, I will continue to do everything that I can to help guide my clients through this time. When it’s over, we will document life again and never take that for granted!

3. We are working on a lot of home projects!
15 months ago we bought a fixer upper home on almost 4 acres in East Asheville. We were spending a lot of our time fixing up the house already, but now that we are home even more, we are working our way through projects left and right! I the last two weeks, which is how long we have been quarantining, we have had a new HVAC system installed, removed our baseboard heat and electrical connections, cleared land in front of our house, built a dust collection system for carpentry work in the garage, and bought a new sofa and rearranged the great room. Just reading that list makes me tired, but it’s all coming along so nicely and I am excited to keep moving at this pace! 

4. We are eating out more than we usually do.
Doesn’t that seem backwards since most people are eating at home more than usual? Well for us, we cook and eat at home almost all of the time. I tell people that we are bad at eating out, and it’s completely true. So during this time when small businesses and restaurants are struggling, we are forcing ourselves to order take out at least once a week. What an awful thing to be forced to do, right? 

5. Our dog has no idea that life as we know it has changed. 
He is one lucky pup! My husband and I both already worked from home, so being home a little more in the evenings and on weekends isn’t a big enough change for him to notice. Our dog, Cooper, is his usual self- sleeping at my feet most of the day, chasing squirrels when he can, and laying in the warm spring sun. One thing I want to share though, is that yesterday was his ‘Gotcha Day’! He has been with us for 11 years and he has truly made those years better than we could have imagined! 


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Jessica is an award winning Asheville wedding photographer, family photographer, and newborn photographer. To learn more about Jessica, click over to her About Me page, 5 Things to Know About Jessica | Photographer Introduction, and Asheville Photographer | 5 Things to Know about Jessica, Holiday Edition.


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