Asheville Wedding Photographer | Best of 2020 Weddings

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Asheville Wedding Photographer | Best of 2020 Weddings


Being a wedding photographer in Asheville, NC is truly an amazing gift in life! With our vast mountain views, array of unique mountain wedding venues, and fun couples from across the world who choose this area for their destination weddings, it’s a perfect combination! 

No two Asheville weddings are ever the same, and I love it for so many reasons! When couples get married here in western North Carolina, they bring influences from their home towns, bring family heirlooms from generations before them, and have family and friends travel in from all over the world. It truly makes every single wedding unique, and allows my creativity to never slow. With this, each couple receives incredible wedding photography that is catered to them specifically, as it was all documented with their personal vision in mind. From meaningful decor to heartfelt hand written notes in their vow books, each couple can be themselves and show their truest love while I capture their big day!

Sure, 2020 was a challenging year for us all, but I have a special place in my heart for couples who planned their wedding during this global pandemic. Some couples postponed their weddings and some eloped with plans for a big party later, but most went on with at least part of their original plans and pushed forward to be married on their planned day, at their original venue, with their closest family and friends. Yes, their wedding day looked a little different, but with a few adaptations and lots of love, they are married and so very happy to be! I cannot imagine the stress and frustration that couples feel while planning their weddings during a global pandemic, but I am so darn proud of them for persevering and proving that love is not cancelled! 

Each couple’s incredible wedding day and beautiful wedding photographs will forever help them remember this amazing time in their lives. It was such an honor to capture all of the weddings I did in 2020, and I am beyond grateful!

I invite you to browse through the wedding photographs below. They are some of my favorites from this funky year of 2020!

JM2_1579JM2_1579 JMP_1268JMP_1268 JM2_4311JM2_4311 JMP_4591bwJMP_4591bw Winter bride at The Shamrock Room in BrevardWinter bride at The Shamrock Room in Brevard JM2_9561 2JM2_9561 2 JMP_3457JMP_3457 JMP_4884_JMP_4884_ JMP_0427 2JMP_0427 2 JMP_4511bwJMP_4511bw JMP_4384JMP_4384 JMP_3276JMP_3276 JMP_5009_JMP_5009_ JMP_4820_JMP_4820_ JMP_3970JMP_3970 JM2_9941JM2_9941 JM2_9535 2JM2_9535 2 JMP_3013JMP_3013 JMP_1586_JMP_1586_ Bride at The Shamrock Room in Brevard NCBride at The Shamrock Room in Brevard NC JM2_9521JM2_9521 JM2_0835JM2_0835 JM2_0550JM2_0550 JM2_0164JM2_0164 JM2_9952JM2_9952 JM2_8339JM2_8339 Brevard NC wedding venue in winter The Shamrock RoomBrevard NC wedding venue in winter The Shamrock Room JM2_1433JM2_1433 JMP_8697JMP_8697 JMP_2528JMP_2528
JMP_4578JMP_4578 JMP_3673  2JMP_3673 2 JMP_1915JMP_1915 JMP_3032JMP_3032

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Hitesh Patel(non-registered)
I agree, for 2020 couples are truly close to heart. Weddings in 2020, have been small and personally. All the weddings I have photographed in 2020 will be remembered forever honestly. It was such a unique story for themselves and me including the photographer. What a year, looking ahead for a better year in 2021! Awesome post btw Jessica!
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