Asheville Newborn Photographer | Gabriel Newborn Photos Preview

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Asheville Newborn Photographer | Gabriel Newborn Photos Preview

Newborn - boy - photos - Asheville, NCNewborn - boy - photos - Asheville, NC

This sweet baby boy is such a perfect bundle and I am overjoyed for his family to be welcoming him into the world! He is handsome, snuggly, and as sweet as can be! He also was a perfect gentleman for his newborn photos, which I loved capturing!

When a family brings a new baby into their home, there is something extra special about the feel of their space. As I’m there photographing, I can feel the calmness, the quiet, and the pure love that is abundant. Sometimes it’s so calming that it makes me want to take a nap! Of course I don’t, because I have a job to do and it’s one of the best jobs ever, photographing the family and newborn baby!

When I arrived at Gabriel’s house for his newborn photos in Asheville, NC, I felt the exact same thing. It was quiet, calm, and so full of love. I was welcomed with a warm hello and toured the house to look for the best and softest light. For Gabriel’s solo newborn photos, we decided to use a small room that had soft light coming in on three sides. In fact, it was actually a stairway that had a small landing at the top. Even though it was a little tight, it had beautiful light and I knew that I could capture gorgeous newborn photos there. That’s exactly what I did! From direct overhead shots to Gabriel on his belly, everything turned out beautifully!

After Gabriel’s solo newborn photos, we took photos of the entire family in the primary bedroom. I loved the bright light and neutral decor there, plus Gabriel’s parents could get comfortable on their own bed and have lots of cozy snuggles. It was so sweet to capture the three of them together and then Gabriel with each parent. They are all so in love!

To wrap up our photos together, we opted for a small step that led to the stairway landing. This way, their dog could join in the photos if he wanted, and he did for a few. He popped in, said hello to each person by sniffing and giving kisses, and then wandered out, as happy as could be. 

I LOVED capturing this sweet boy’s newborn photos and this beautiful family’s first family photos! They have BIG love to share with one another and it really shines in their photos.

Newborn - basket - Asheville, NC - PhotographyNewborn - basket - Asheville, NC - Photography Newborn - Photos - Asheville, NCNewborn - Photos - Asheville, NC Baby - belly - Asheville, NC - photosBaby - belly - Asheville, NC - photos Newborn - photography - Asheville, NCNewborn - photography - Asheville, NC
Family - photo - newborn - Asheville, NCFamily - photo - newborn - Asheville, NC Newborn - baby - family - photo - AshevilleNewborn - baby - family - photo - Asheville
Mom - newborn - baby - Asheville, NC - photosMom - newborn - baby - Asheville, NC - photos Dad - baby - noses - Asheville, NCDad - baby - noses - Asheville, NC Parents - baby - noses - Asheville, NCParents - baby - noses - Asheville, NC
Baby - basket - Photos - Asheville, NCBaby - basket - Photos - Asheville, NC Baby - photos - Asheville, NCBaby - photos - Asheville, NC Mom - newborn - dog - photo - Asheville, NCMom - newborn - dog - photo - Asheville, NC Family - photography - newborn - baby - AshevilleFamily - photography - newborn - baby - Asheville
Dad - baby - newborn - Asheville - photosDad - baby - newborn - Asheville - photos

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