Asheville Photographer | 5 Things to Know about How Jessica Enjoys Spring

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Asheville Photographer | 5 Things to Know about How Jessica Enjoys Spring


Spring is officially here, and I am ready for it! Bring on the longer days, warmer temperatures, and outdoor gatherings. I love everything there is about spring in the south, and maybe that’s because it is my favorite season!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have space in my heart for every season, even winter. I really don’t mind winter, and I love the fact that it allows us time to snuggle in and move a little slower. I also love that the slowness of winter gives us the time we need to rest before the big launch of spring. At least, that’s how I look at it. 

This spring, just like every other spring, I have big ideas about how I’m going to enjoy the season!


5 Things to Know about How Jessica Enjoys Spring


1. Longer Days

Almost everything that I love about spring hinges on the fact that the sun sets later in the evening. That extra hour of daylight in the evening makes all the difference to my outdoor loving soul!

2. Picnics

I LOVE a good picnic. I love packing up the food in a backpack, choosing a beautiful spot, and enjoying time outside while I nosh on some yummy eats. There is something about doing such a normal everyday thing out in nature. My favorite part though, is that when the meal is over, we still hang out, without devices, and enjoy the spot in which we sit.

3. After Work Hikes

With daylight shining longer into the evening, there is plenty of time to log off work, gather our things, and hit a nearby trail for a 1-2 hour hike. My husband, dog, and I, love lots of the trails that are within 30 minutes of our house, and those spots are truly perfect for our after work hikes! 

4. Dinner On My Porch

On the evenings that we don’t hit the trails, I love to prepare dinner at home, and enjoy eating it outside on our porch. The warm-ish evenings of spring, before the bugs start to swarm, really are perfect for a meal outside. 

5. Clients!

Last, but certainly not least, after the slower work period of winter, I am always ready to get back to my busy photography schedule and see my clients! Spring brings everyone out and about, and I love meeting new clients at their photography sessions, and seeing past clients again for their updated photos. I truly love what I do, and seeing you all while I capture your sweetest moments makes my heart happy!

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