Asheville Wedding Photographer | Wedding Day Gift Exchange

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Asheville Wedding Photographer | Wedding Day Gift Exchange


Getting your partner a gift to open on your wedding day is not something that you have to do, or even that most people do. Some couples choose to exchange gifts on their wedding day, and some don’t, and that’s okay!

When this topic comes up in conversation during our last consultation call, which is about 30 days prior to your wedding, I always encourage couples to do what feels right to them. It sounds fun and sweet to most couples, but it’s also an added item to remember to bring on your big day, an added logistic to exchange gifts without seeing each other, and an extra expense. It’s not for everyone, but when couples do choose to exchange gifts, I strongly encourage them to open their gifts when my second photographer or I am there to photograph them.

I encourage this because often the gifts that are exchanged are sentimental, have a story behind them, or are meaningful in a big way! For example, I have seen couples open and read long hand written letters from one another, exchange jewelry and watches, a bride opened a vinyl record from her partner as her maid of honor handed her a portable record player to listen to the song he wrote her, and one groom even received a keepsake pin with his late Mother’s photo in it, so that he could pin this photo inside his jacket and walk down the aisle with her. The options are endless, and can be planned far in advance, or chosen close to the wedding date. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful!

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