Asheville Photographer | What I Look Forward to After a Long Day of Photographing Clients

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Asheville Photographer | What I Look Forward to After a Long Day of Photographing Clients

Jessica Merithew Photography - Asheville PhotographerJessica Merithew Photography - Asheville Photographer

Being a photographer in Asheville, NC brings me to some of the most amazing locations, where I get to meet the most amazing people, and be a tiny part of their most incredible moments. I LOVE it! What it also brings is long and fun days of working hard while creating beautiful art for my clients. 

I am currently in my busiest season of the year, fall. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are beginning to change colors, my inbox shows a consistent stream of inquiries, and my days of photographing are getting longer and busier. For me, this is the most fun time of year! I LOVE being busy, seeing past clients, meeting new clients, and capturing epic photos on mountain tops, at Biltmore Estate, and at gorgeous wedding venues.

With this busy season starting, a friend in the wedding industry, who can fully relate to long and busy days, recently asked me, “What do you look forward to after a long day of shooting?” It really made me think. I, of course, have my go-to’s like a hot shower and unlimited glasses of water. (It’s true, on long busy days of photographing, I do not always have access to (or time to access) the simple need, water.) But what do I REALLY look forward to? I most look forward to spending time with my husband where I rest and reflect on the busy day. Sure, this may be an obvious answer, but to me, it’s very important. Here’s why:
1. I LOVE capturing other people’s most amazing moments, and I love living my own moments. Spending time with my husband is my top priority when I’m not working. Since he works a Monday through Friday job and I work a lot of nights and weekends, it’s important to me that we get as much time together as possible. 
2. Rest brings me the strength that I need to capture my client’s moments time and time again. My clients deserve the best version of me, and by resting and resetting, I can give them that. 
3. Spending time reflecting on the moments that I just captured makes me a better photographer for my clients. As an artist, I am hard on myself. I often find myself thinking about photos I just captured and wonder if I should have done it differently. There is no right or wrong way to capture a moment. I hold myself to a very high standard so that I always provide the best images for my clients. Taking some time to think about this gives me ideas and inspiration to use in the future.

As this year’s busiest season begins, I am excited! I also know from experience, that what I most look forward to after a busy day of work, is part of what feeds my soul to keep loving this amazing journey.

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